Clear aligners for adults and children by Dr Evaghoras and Dr Aleem. 

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The Invisible Alternative to Braces

Dental Artistry is a practice of choice for patients looking to get the clear alternative to braces, namely Invisalign. Invisalign is the latest and extremely modern technique to straighten teeth via clear aligners. The benefits of Invisalign for many patients are the convenience, you can take your aligners off while eating, you can easily clean your aligners and of course, they are nearly invisible. Some Invisalign cases require as little as 3-5 months for final completion. Patients chose Dental Artistry as our dentists have years of experience in teeth straightening solutions.

We also have all of the latest teeth straightening technique such as a variety of braces systems. We are able to provide our patients with the best solution based on their case, preference and lifestyle.

What does the treatment involve?

During your first appointment, your doctor will perform a full assessment including the important X-rays. You will be advised on the best solution for your particular case. Your dentist will use a modern Trio Scanner to take digital impressions which are often a lot more comfortable for patients who do not like ordinary impressions. Thanks to the Trio Scanner, a Clincheck will be performed. This will allow you to see how your teeth will look after the treatment before you have even started the treatment. Once the Clincheck is completed, you will be provided with your personal treatment plan, outlining each step of the process.

The duration of each treatment is entirely case dependent.

Why wear Invisalign?
  • Close up gaps between teeth

  • Straighten crooked teeth

  • Realignment of crowded teeth

  • Remove overbite – front teeth overlap too much

  • Close open bite – some teeth aren’t contacting

  • Virtually invisible

  • Easy to take off while eating

  • Easy to to clean

  • Fewer clinic visits as we can also ship your new set of aligners

  • Ability to see how your teeth will at the end of the treatment before you even start the treatment

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