Braces for adults and children by our highly experienced orthodontist Dr Evaghoras. 

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About the treatment

Dental Artistry is well known for our exceptional orthodontic treatments. We offer patients the latest selection of high-quality braces such as Lingual Braces (Win systems), Labial Braces, Ceramic Braces, Damon Advanced Bracket Systems. Fixed braces is a convenient solution for patients as it allows a continuous tooth straightening process. Your doctor is able to adjust your braces as regular as necessary. The fixed braces do not require patients to take them off, clean them and thus potentially wear their braces less than necessary. Having a variety of techniques and excellent know-how we are able to offer our patients the most suitable method to achieve their desired goal.

We also provide Invisalign solutions, the so-called invisible alternative to braces.

Why wear braces?
  • Close up gaps between teeth

  • Straighten crooked teeth

  • Realignment of crowded teeth

  • Remove overbite- front teeth overlap too much

  • Close open bite – some teeth aren’t contacting

  • No need to remove, clean or change aligners

  • Continuous teeth straightening.

What does the treatment involve?

During your first appointment your doctor will perform a full assessment including X-rays. You will be able to discuss your goals and concerns and get an expert advice on what the best solution for your case is. Your doctor may use the innovative Trio Scanner. Thanks to the Trio Scanner, no regular impressions are needed which for most people are quite uncomfortable. At the end of your first visit you will be provided with a custom-made treatment plan explaining each step of the process. The length of each treatment varies and it is entirely dependent on the complexity of your case.

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