General Dentistry

Dental Artistry provides a variety of general dentistry treatments. Such as examination, X-rays, fillings and extraction. Our clinic offers bio-compatible and metal-free fillings. We also have an in-house CT scanner.

Routine examinations, in particular, are essential to ensure you maintain good oral health. Thus avoiding the occurrence of any advanced dental problem. Check-ups can be performed every 6 months, yet it is entirely case dependent. As part of our in-house treatment plans, both personal and corporate, our members enjoy ongoing dental check-ups and the necessary hygiene treatments at complimentary rates.

Our Services:
  • New Patient Examination

  • Routine Examination

  • Small x-ray

  • Large x-ray (OPG)

  • Small Filling

  • Medium Filling

  • Large Filling

  • Extraction

  • Surgical extraction

  • Tooth Contouring

  • CT Scan

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