All-on-4 and All-on-6 Dental Implants

Full mouth and Full Jaw rehabilitation

by the leading Implantologists Dr Parimal Patel and Dr Jiten Patel

Dental Artistry is highly recommended practice for full arch and full mouth restoration with All-on-4 and All-on-6 Dental Implants. Our clinic uses only the latest technologies and the highest quality systems to place same day teeth. The treatment is suitable as an alternative to dentures or for those patients who are missing teeth. The permanent solutions allow patients to have a whole row of lifelike teeth by placing only 4 or 6 implants.

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Teeth in a day Solutions

Full mouth restoration Dr Parimal Patel


If a patient requires a full arch restoration, an advanced solution is the so-called All-on-4 implants treatment. The process involves placing only 4 individual implants; two straight anterior implants and two implants tilted up to 45º in the posterior. That provides the patient with a fixed full-arch prosthesis with immediate loading on the day of the surgery. Whether you need full arch or full jaw rehabilitation, All-on-4 implants is a fast solution to achieve a comfortable lifestyle and natural looking teeth.


Another full arch restoration solution with same day loading is All-on-6. Six precisely made implants are placed to hold up to 14 unit bridge. Compared to All-on-4, All-on-6 dental implants are biomechanically stronger and simpler to maintain. The technique is also more cost-effective due to its efficiency and its stability. The treatment is preferred by patients with severe gum disease because the bone requires stronger support or because the bone is severely compromised.

Over 50 years of combined experience. Hundreds of cases performed. Expert Implantologists.

Dr Parimal Patel has over 30 years of extensive education and experience in implantology. He has an active interest in advance Dental Implant, Surgical Dentistry and Intravenous Sedation.

Dr Jiten Patel Dental Implants All on x Implants

Dr Jiten Patel has over 20 years experience in dentistry. interest in advanced restorative treatments using dental implants and using the latest technology in digital dentistry such as 3D printing and CAD CAM milling.

Dr Parimal Patel and Dr Jiten Patel have completed many cases together and individually transforming smiles and lives. Using cutting-edge techniques and years of practical experience they are able to offer patients the best permanent solutions with high success rates. Many patients are coming from across London and the UK specifically to have their treatment with them. Due to Dr Patel’s expertise and excellent approach to patients, dental practices and dental professionals refer patients to them. Dr Parimal Patel and Dr Jiten Patel perform complex treatments, often treatments that patients cannot find anywhere else.

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No Bone solutions available. One of the very few clinics offering Pterygoid implants for complex and advanced cases.


Same day teeth may be recommended to:
Patients with one or both jaws of missing teeth.
Patients with one or both jaws of teeth beyond repair due to advanced decay and deterioration.
Patients with severe gum disease affecting one or both jaws.


Efficiency and Predictability – Treatment carried out in as little as a single day, or up to 3 days, without the need for partial or full dentures.
Generally, bone grafts are not required which may add cost, time and the potential for complications.
Predictable and definite treatment outcome – a fixed prosthesis that looks, feels and functions like real teeth.
Simple maintenance with one review appointment a year.
Full control of aesthetics and tooth position as you do not have to ‘work around’ diseased teeth.
Much more cost-effective than multiple dental procedures.


To regain your confidence, you should firstly have confidence in your dentist and dental practice.  Dr Parimal Patel and Dental Artistry have always focused on providing an informative and individual approach from start to finish.

Full mouth restoration with implants

Tailor-Made Treatment Plan

Everything we do at Dental Artistry is tailor-made to our patients, from the very first time you visit us to post treatment care. You will be invited in for initial clinical assessment to understand the process and options available. The assessments include: taking critical clinical photographs, radiographs (x-rays), CT Scan(if necessary to examine the bone), full mouth, gum and bone health check. Upon completing the assessment, the patient is provided with a customised treatment plan, outlining the treatment’s stages. We will then select the best type of dental implants and size, plan your surgery day including understanding what relaxation techniques you require during the day. We don't stop here, once we place the final lifelike teeth, your dedicated treatment coordinator will invite you in for regular reviews.

Feels, functions and looks like REAL TEETH

Full Arch All on 6 Implants
Upper arch All on 6 Implants
Full arch rehabilitation with implants

What our patients say

My experience with Dental Artistry was first class from beginning till the end . I was terrified of the dentist and hadn’t been for many years . The greeting I got when I first entered the building put me at ease straight away . I then met Jiten who advised me what I needed to have done he put me at ease as soon as I met him . Told me how long it was all going to take and explained everything in detail . From reception to the nurses they were all helpful and sympathetic with me . I would definitely recommend them . I thank all the staff and the outcome of my teeth is amazing I did not think it was possible for me to have a perfect smile again but I have and couldn’t be more pleased. I thank them all very much .

Susan Emery, Google

The team at Dental Artistry have changed my life, I truly cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Parimal Patel, Dr. Jiten Patel and their lovely and friendly staff who supported me throughout my treatment. From the first day and I stepped in, I felt that I was in good hands and found the support I was looking for. I never thought that I would say” It’s a pleasure to go to the dentist…”but it truly was!!
I always wanted to have a beautiful smile and Dental Artistry has helped me achieve that. For this very fact I highly recommend them to everyone.

Daniela Iacoban, Google

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