Teeth Straightening-Invisalign & Fixed Braces

On this page, you will find Invisalign and Fixed Braces before and after pictures. From minor misalignment to severe crowding. From teen to adults orthodontics. Using the latest teeth straightening techniques allow us to give our patients the best treatment solutions. What great results were achieved, just see below!


6 months Invisalign & Teeth Whitening

Invisalign Lite Dual Arch. Central Teeth Misalignment

Clear Dual Arch Aligners. Overcrowding and gaps were fixed approx. in 6 months

3 Cases of Invisalign Clear Aligners Treatment


Fixing gaps between teeth and misalignment with Dual Arch Invisalign

Invisalign Double-Arch to fix teeth overcrowding.

Fixed Braces by Dr Evaghoras and Dr Aleem

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