Emergency appointments and Virtual consultations only

Due to the current circumstances we will not be booking in-person appointments until 7th May. If the quarantine is extended, we will update you.

EMERGENCY TREATMENTS: Emergency extractions. If necessary root canal treatment. Emergency temporary filling. Recement crown, bridge, veneer, implant crown. Orthodontic wire repairs. Dental Abscess. Antibiotic pain relief prescription.

Complimentary Virtual Consultation with Dr Aleem. Contact us to book or to request more information. If you are interested in our specials on Invisalign and Braces we advise you to have virtual consultation to secure a voucher. Everyone who has virtual consultation while we are closed will get free x-rays as part of the at clinic check-up. The check-up will be provisionally booked on flexible basis. 

£20 refundable deposit required to secure your appointment. Refunded after consultation.

Applies to at clinic consultation and virtual consultation.

Please note, if an appointment time is not available on the online booking form, contact us to arrange. Virtual consultations can be done on most days via Zoom,Skype,Facetime,Whatsapp. We kindly ask patients to choose to email us on info@dentalartistry.co.uk


You can now instantly book most appointments online. If you would like to book any other type of treatment not listed or have a more general enquiry,  please call us or fill in the enquiry form below and one of our treatment coordinators will be in touch shortly.


Whether you have a question, want to book an appointment or you would like to become a patient, please fill the form below and one of our treatment coordinators will be in touch shortly.

*If you have booked an appointment above online, then you do not need to fill out this form as well.

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