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Facial fillers (otherwise known as dermal fillers) are injectable gels used to restore or add volume to the face. These gels are made from hyaluronic acid which secretly holds the key to smoother, plumped up skin and lips.
In fact, our own skin cells actually produce hyaluronic acid naturally in a bid to maintain moisture levels. In the skin hyaluronic acid attracts water, which allows the skin to become more hydrated, appear more plump and smooth. But, thanks to ageing and environmental aggressors, to name just a few things our faces are exposed to on a daily basis, those natural levels tend to take a bit of a dip. Coupled with the other age related changes we see where the fat, muscles, bone, and skin in our face begin to thin, this loss of volume leads to either a sunken or sagging appearance of the face, fine lines, wrinkles, folds, and thin lips.
Injectable hyaluronic acid is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, facial folds, and to create structure, framework, and volume to the face and lips. The effects of injectable hyaluronic acid are seen immediately.
Fillers vary in density (thickness), which determines the area they can be used in and what they’re designed for, whether that is to provide lift or contouring, create symmetry, fill in lines or deep folds, or enhance a particular feature such as the lips.
The non-permanent range of JUVÉDERM® fillers have durable, long-lasting results (up to 24 months, depending on the particular JUVÉDERM® filler and the areas treated), but your body is able to break the filler down naturally and eventually the results will fade.



JUVÉDERM® is the world’s leading brand of hyaluronic acid facial filler. JUVÉDERM® facial fillers have the ability to integrate with your own facial tissue to get natural-looking results.

Each JUVÉDERM® facial filler is designed for a particular purpose, whether it’s to treat fine or deep lines/folds, restore facial volume for a lifting effect, or reshape and redefine the lips.

Our qualified medical aesthetics practitioner, Dr Evaghoras, may suggest several treatments from the JUVÉDERM® range to create a tailored treatment plan for you.

The JUVÉDERM® range of facial fillers is made using innovative technology to help you achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results (up to 24 months, dependent on the facial filler used and the area treated).

Is the treatment painful

JUVÉDERM® facial fillers include the anaesthetic lidocaine, which can help reduce any discomfort you may feel during treatment. In addition, when we are treating the lips we also apply an anaesthetic to the skin before we begin, further reducing any possible discomfort.

When can I expect to see the results?

Results are visible shortly after treatment. Most people return to their normal routine on the day they are treated, depending on treatment received.

What are the potential side effects?

Potential side effects associated with JUVÉDERM® products include temporary injection-site reactions such as:
• Redness
• Swelling
• Itching
• Pain
• Tingling/numbness
• Firmness/bumps
• Bruising
• Discolouration
These reactions may occur immediately or may be delayed, and can last for up to a week. Injection in the lip may cause more swelling and bruising due to the unique physiology of this area. As with any injection, there is a risk of infection, but our careful sterile technique helps to dramatically reduce this risk.

What to expect after treatment?

It is not unusual to have some swelling or redness of the area. It is also possible to see bruising, to have itching and some tenderness.
These side effects are temporary and usually resolve within a few days. Bruising may take 7-10 days to fully resolve.
Swelling will usually be worse the next morning.

How long will the effect last?

As with all biological systems, it is not possible to give an exact time frame, however, for most of our patients, the effect of their filler injections lasts from 9-12 months. In some areas the effects may be visible for up to 24 months.

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