Minimally Invasive Medical Anti-aging Treatments. Non-surgical Face & Body Procedures.



Dental Artistry welcomes you to our range of minimally invasive and medical facial aesthetics treatments; from cosmetic fillers, anti-aging and anti-sweating solutions. We specialise in Face, Hands, Body and Teeth treatments for both women and men.

We also consult on gummy smile and teeth grinding that often causes headaches and jaw pain. We also provide options for laughter lines, forehead lines and more. As a dedicated and experienced clinic, we can also do a combination with any dental treatments you would like. Bespoke packages can be tailor-made for you.

We continuously invest in up to date training and materials. We advocate safe, holistic and ethical approach to our non-surgical treatments.


Treatments by Dr Evaghoras

Our skilful Dr Christina Evaghoras is dedicated to providing an expert, informative consultation and completely tailor-made treatment process. Christina has completed training with Cosmetic Courses- the longest established training provider for Dermal filler training courses and Allergan’s first appointed training provider for medical aesthetics. Christina’s extensive knowledge and experience allows her to provide you with expert advice and treatment planning. As our lead orthodontist, Christina's orthodontic and facial anatomy knowledge helps her perform a thorough consultation, considering not only the teeth but also bone health and structure. An assessment of the face in motion and at rest forms the keystone to providing the best treatment for each individual, whether it’s for a ’gummy smile’, teeth grinding, crooked teeth or frown lines.

Christina firmly believes in a personalised and informative approach, providing each patient with excellent pre, during and post treatment care. Christina works ethically and she will not simply perform a treatment on request without a thorough consultation or if she does not feel it will benefit her patients. Also of paramount importance is cross infection control, providing care in a healthy and safe manner.


The first time you visit us, you will have a comprehensive consultation with Dr Evaghoras. During the consultation, a thorough examination will be performed. We will explain your options and advise if any treatment is suitable. We will also provide you with all the information you will need to make an educated decision if you wish to proceed to a treatment.

We welcome questions, before and after receiving your customised treatment plan. At this initial appointment, treatment will not be provided. This is in order to give you time to fully consider your options and answer any questions you may have. Once you are happy to have your treatment, your appointments will be booked to start your journey.

Duration: Each consultation duration can vary and it depends what you have come in to see us for. The treatment duration is based on the treatment of choice and you will be guided through a time-line.

Consultation Fees: The initial consultation is complimentary. A refundable consultation deposit of £30 is required on booking to secure your appointment. If you decide not to go ahead, the deposit is refunded to you after your consultation or the deposit is simply deducted from your treatment plan.



Lips, Chin, Cheeks and more


Wrinkles, fine lines as well as sweat reduction


Gummy Smile and Teeth Grinding

Should you have any questions, get in touch and our friendly and experienced team will assist you.

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