GDC No. 76528
MSc(Perio), MClin Dent(Perio)
MFDS RCS(England), MRD RCS(Edinburgh)

We are extremely happy to share this article about our exceptional Periodontist Dr Claudia Brown. Not only she is highly qualified and experienced, she is an inspirational character who always strives to help the less fortunate. We have put some information about Dr Brown below, but believe us there are so many more good things to say about her.

Patient communication is vital to Claudia. She shared in Private Dentistry magazine:

‘Firstly you have to find out what the patient’s objectives are, be it aesthetics, pain etc. Then
take a good history-medical, dental, social etc to establish the risk factors and carry out a thorough examination. It is imperative to be able to communicate effectively with patients, understand their needs and increase patient satisfaction,’ she explains. ‘I spend a lot of time conversing with the patient and this breaks down barriers and empowers them to achieve and maintain optimal dental health. It is important to listen to the patient and have empathy.’She believes education is key to managing gum disease. ‘It is important that the patient understands how and why they have the disease, what can realistically be achieved, their role in the management -regular attendance, motivated behaviour and improved oral hygiene. I also try to motivate them every step of the way of their accomplishments.’

From Downing Street to TV appearances to promote dental health through to inspiring volunteer work in London and abroad

Dr Brown in surgery with our senior nurse Athena

Dr Claudia Brown was interviewed by Private Dentistry magazine and she shared:

How it all started?

It was in 2005 that Claudia started the journey that was to shape her career – an MSc/MClin Dent/MRD course in Periodontology at Guy’s. However, Claudia wasn’t always set on a career in this field. ‘I was initially interested in medicine as a child. For years I could not decide if I wanted to be a doctor or a midwife. I undertook work experience placements including shadowing a general dentist and Mr Martin Kelleher at King’s. I was truly inspired and it ignited a passion for dentistry in me. I liked the fact that you could combine science, health and creating beautiful work. It seemed at that time to be a better quality of life than medicine – I liked the job flexibility and that you could be your own boss.’‘I thoroughly enjoyed treating periodontal patients as a general dentist and wanted to improve my skills on a personal level to deliver the best care to my patients,’ says Claudia. ‘I felt that I was gaining limited success with my non-surgical treatment. I appreciated that it is important to have healthy foundations for not just a ‘beautiful smile’ but critical to the other areas of dentistry. Also more evidence was emerging around the links between oral health and general health that I found fascinating’.

The lessons Claudia learned

Claudia says she has learnt many lessons during her dental career. ‘The main ones are to never assume anything and to be comfortable with being
uncomfortable,’ she explains. ‘I have learnt that if you stay in your comfort zone you will not get very far. If you do what you have always done you will get what you have always gotten. I have learnt the importance of building relationships with colleagues and patients and also boundaries.The power of saying no and still being respected. Also another major one: ‘If you do not ask you do not get’.‘I am a lot better than I used to be at time management, especially juggling different practices (different teams, work ethics, types of patients).I have also learnt that sometimes it is important to delegate and make sure people feel appreciated. I have learnt to be an ‘early-bird’ instead of a night owl and spend the first part of my day in prayer time to focus my mind then I ask myself what are the three most important things I have to do today and mainly focus on that. I have priority lists and other lists that I try to make sure I complete by a certain time.’‘One of my mottos is that hindsight is a blessed thing and the reality is that every ‘challenge’ has been a learning experience that has moulded me into the person I am today. Everything happens for a reason and good things come from challenging experiences.

‘My main plans are to continue learning and being the best periodontist that I can be, delivering excellent services to my patients. I hope I can help dentists and hygienists with periodontal training and advice.

About Dr Brown

Dr Claudia Brown is a qualified dentist and registered Specialist Periodontist with the General Dental council. She worked as a Specialist Clinical teacher at Guy’s Dental school as well as in Oral surgery at Kings College Dental Hospital. As a Specialist Periodontist lecturing nationally and internationally to dental professionals, schools and communities globally including a charity that empowers young girls. She also examines postgraduate dentists for the Royal College of Surgeons of England nationally and internationally.

Claudia qualified from UMDS (Guy’s). Following that she carried out General Professional training (VT and honorary clinical assistantship posts in hospital oral surgery, restorative and orthodontic departments). She then undertook a series of hospital, community and general practice posts around the country achieving a broad-based experience in dentistry, surgery, sedation (SAAD-trained) and general anaesthesia.
She has attained the Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgeons (MFDS) from the Royal College of surgeons of England, as well as Master of Science (MSc), Master of Clinical dentistry (MClin Dent) in Periodontology at Kings College London and Membership in Restorative dentistry (MRD) from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh with merit. Her MSc project was based on the association between periodontal disease and cardiovascular health-an investigation of circulating CRP in the peripheral blood of untreated periodontitis patients. This has led to her great interest in the association between oral and periodontal health.

During her time at Guy’s she achieved Stage 1 in learning and teaching in higher education.
As well as carrying out non-surgical and surgical periodontal treatment, she also places implants, uses diode laser and Waterlase and cone beam CT scanning as part of her periodontal management where appropriate.

Claudia was interviewed by Private Dentistry magazine two years ago. She has also recently contributed to a general health book for patients regarding oral health to be published in the UK and US and written various articles over the years. As a member of the African and Caribbean Dental Association (ACDA), she was part of the team that went to 10 Downing Street and discussed the importance of improving patient access to dentistry and the association between periodontal health and general health. Global health is paramount. She has also appeared in a television advert promoting vitamin supplement sprays that was aired in the US.

Claudia loves to travel and is an advocate for the less fortunate/vulnerable. She has a keen interest in voluntary work especially involving the homeless (soup kitchens/ medical van in London) and the elderly. She has undertaken dental voluntary work/health education in rural Uganda and Kenya, Crisis at Christmas and participated in race for life on a few occasions. She is currently organising a dental voluntary trip to Jamaica next year.

Dr Brown at the Care for the Gold Campaign 2019/20 at the Highway House Homeless Day Centre in Harringey

Pictures credit: African & Caribbean Dental Association.

Dr Brown  has inspired our team to help the less fortunate and we will continue doing so.