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I've just had my veneers put in and they are amazing
When you asked me to smile it actually felt unnatural

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Here at Dental Artistry we are very proud of the standards of work that we provide. Equally as important to us is our client satisfaction. Please see below for some diverse treatments and client testimonials.

Now that I can afford Steak, I no longer have the teeth to eat it" I believe Renoir once said.

When I lost one of my front teeth, not through an accident, but through age related decline, I was reminded of Renoir's lament. Unless you are a known genius, you are looked upon as being a bit 'pikey', or mentally challenged if you appear in public without your front teeth. These days more than ever before, your appearance substantiates your social standing. I practised a sort of lisping ventriloquism for a while and also learned to detect the very moment when someone spots the vacancy in your mouth furniture; an involuntary flinch, a widening of the eyes and you know you've lost both their attention and respect.

I wore dentures and was miserable the entire time. They were uncomfortable, unreliable and produced a whistling sound whenever I pronounced an 'S'. Eating, especially in public, became a horrendous experience. I also misplaced them frequently and trod on and broke them. With a heightened sense of ageing, my life was on a downward trend, shunning company and brightly lit environments, it would be fair to say I was in a state of depression.

Clearly, this was not a sustainable situation and I consulted my dentist about an implant. The examination indicated that the bone in my jaw had deteriorated over the past year, producing a furrow beneath my gums and that a bone graft would be essential. What with the furrow and me being a smoker, the odds on a successful conclusion were about 80%, which did not seem high enough to warrant any enthusiasm for the process. Such news did not improve my mood and to make it worse, I heard tales of people 'in the know' travelling abroad for such treatment only for their implants to fall out not long after their return. Not so savvy after all, I reflected with mixed feelings of Schadenfraude and despondency. Finally the door to my salvation was opened by Dr. Sheraz Aleem, who offered me an implant based on the technique of bone expansion. As I understand it, this reconfigures the existing, impoverished bone, rather than relying on the organic process of bone melding. My faith in carpentry is stronger than in alchemy and so with some trepidation, I agreed.

Throughout the entire process, I was impressed by Dr. Aleem's dedication to care and his attention to detail. He kept me informed every step of the way and ensured we both did our best to produce a favourable result. The surgical procedure itself was pain-free; I suffered no post-op discomfort, didn't require stitches nor any inconvenience while my gums were healing. Again, whilst preparing a Crown to be made, Dr. Aleem went to great lengths to ensure a natural and matching finish, despite the challenges this created for the fabricators.

My heartfelt thanks go to Dr. Aleem and his team for producing such a successful outcome. It is no exaggeration to say that my new tooth has given me my life and my smile back. Indeed, crusty baguettes, seaside rock and cellophane wrapping hold no terror for me now. It is a year since the temporary Crown and over six months since I had the final Crown fitted and it is the most solid tooth in my mouth without so much as a wobble and is in fact propping up its adjoining neighbours. I've improved my oral hygiene and no longer take my health for granted.

It is a shame that the great Impressionist master Renoir is no longer with us. With the advancement of today's dental science he would be able to have his steak and eat it.

Ian Duckworth

Since having my braces removed, I've started a new job, as I suddenly had this unknown confidence in me. I smile a lot more and I am very conscious of my beautiful teeth and that makes me smile just a little longer. The staff is very friendly, Sharon (my dentist) is very professional and clearly is an perfectionist (which shows on the results) and aftercare was top class.


I am absolutely delighted with the wonderful work you have completed on my teeth, it surpasses all expectations. You have transformed my teeth. I have always been very self-conscious and embarrassed by my teeth and lacked confidence particularly in a social situation and actively shied away from having my photograph taken. Now I can smile and talk with confidence. I feel free!, Its wonderful!. Your work is skilled, professional and you attach great attention to detail. I really cant thank you enough and I highly recommend you to anyone wishing to have beautiful teeth.


I had always been terribly unhappy with my teeth, as I got older they seemed to appear worse When I was given the opportunity with the dedicated support of Dental Artistry, to rejuvenate my smile I jumped at the chance. Veneers had always seemed such a major treatment to venture into, but I am absolutely thrilled with the end result. I feel like a new person and am now very, very proud of my smile.


I wanted to write to thank you for all your work. You have always showed me such kindness and patience and I appreciate that as much as all your skill and knowledge. You have the knack of making a patient feel more than just a patient but an individual. Thank you for everything!


Just a short note to say a very Big Thank You for looking after me throughout the process for fitting an implant and crown. Keep up the great work and I will recommend you to everyone

Best wishes Debbie Thomas

Dear Parimal
Thank you so much for changing my life. Now I can smile.


Love this place! I finally found a good dentist. I have been to many places but this dentistry is wonderful. Everyone in the office is very helpful and friendly. Dr Sheraz Aleem is very nice and professional. He explain everything and when you ask a question he always answers you very clearly. I needed 2 crowns and I was thinking it will take a long time but it was done on the same day. I am very happy with the treatment no pain and no time waisted. The dentistry it self is amazing , very clean and It make you feel like home when you're there. If your looking for a state of the art dental practice I would highly recommend
Dental Artistry.

Ekatherina Kholoivoma

I was referred to Dental Artistry by my regular dentist as they have cutting-edge technology which meant I could have a tooth repaired in one sitting. The procedure was painless and the staff really friendly. I then signed up for whitening treatment which was very successful. Sheraz, the practitioner, and I had discussed my top front teeth which have always been crooked and quite honestly a bit of a mess - in all photos of me smiling, my mouth is firmly shut! It transpired that Sheraz had just come across a new system of braces which worked really quickly and also didn't show too much, unlike the conventional metal train-tracks. In three months, my top teeth have been beautifully

Marianne Chipperfield

Just thought I would stop to say how happy I am with my current smile! I am amazed how this had an impact in my life, by giving me more confidence to SMILE :).

I have been avoiding dentist for over a decade, however Dr Sheraz put me at ease. The treatment I received was complex but not a bad experience like I pictured it to be.

Definitely exceeded all my expectations! Thank you

Nuno Carvalho

I went on a vacation to London with my husband and had the misfortune of getting in an accident (fell of my bike) and broke my front tooth in half . I was referred by a local to go to Dental Artistry. I was pleasantly surprised by the nice friendly staff. I was helped by Dr. Sheraz Aleem which was soo gentle and caring and did an extraordinary job. My teeth look perfect. Thank you. I will definitely recommend this place for your dental needs.


Sadly over the last 5 years I lost 2 teeth, both of which had to be extracted.

On selecting to have implants I was eager first to have an accomplished practitioner undertake the treatment and secondly achieve value to money.

In attending Dental Artistry I enjoyed the very best level of treatment from Dr Parimal Patel and from Mara. As well as being given skilful treatment my each and every interaction with the practice has led me to believe that dental artistry in an outstanding practice which I heartedly recommend.

Bill Rosie